Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Econ PhD

Are you considering a PhD in economics? Here is what you can look forward to: I just had the most incredible 4h45m of sleep; but now I am wide awake because my body is just not use to sleeping much longer than that (and certainly not at that level of quality!).

I had my first Micro exam last night. Old exams are online so I knew what to expect. The difficulty was finishing the six questions in 90 minutes. I ended with a whopping two minutes to spare. You literally had to write your answers without thinking; you just had to know it. But after a solid week of studying (and weeks of reading and re-reading chapters) I felt like I had a strong command over the material. Let's hope Dr. Williams agrees.


Brian Hollar said...

Good luck, Will! I'm sure you did fine. Hope you're enjoying Williams' class as much as I did.

jeremy h. said...

Wow, people are still using that Wiki. Awesome!

ann said...

Welcome to grad school! I love exams (now).