Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cato Attacked!

For those of you outside the beltway (and not on the email lists), Cato was attacked by Students for a Democratic Society yesterday. So much for peace, I guess.

Michael Cannon describes the event:
I work at the Cato Institute. I jumped up from my desk today when I heard lots of yelling coming from outside the building. When I got to Cato's interior balcony, I saw dozens of SDS lemmings pushing a handful of cops against the front doors and the glass facade of Cato's winter garden. (What did they think would happen if they got in? I guess they didn't follow Heller.) At great risk to their personal hygiene, the cops pushed the protesters back, but not before the little buggers slapped some anti-NAFTA stickers on the building and the marble wall outside. When I got downstairs with my camera, these are the pictures I took. I also took a video, and I'll see if I can post that. I'm leaving this album open for everyone to see, in the hopes that some of these SDS morons will self-identify, and we can explain to them how they're lining up with corporate interests to fuck the world's poor.
More pictures are available here.

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Jon said...

The link for more pictures doesn't appear to be working.