Wednesday, July 23, 2008

LtE Graveyard

In defending Chicago's paternalism, Mary Schmich ("Rules Bring Reason Back to City Life", July 2) states that "big cities are like big families." I respectfully disagree.

I do not know Ms. Schmich, as is evident by my use of Ms. and not Miss or Mrs. On the other hand, I know my family members quite well. This allows my family to make rules that are in our best interest. The city of Chicago is ill-suited for such a task.

It is not about rules versus chaos, but rather who determines the rules. Whether my air conditioner is running in the middle of the summer is of no concern to Schmich. My family pays the bill. My family endures the temperature. So my family decides when to turn it off.

Governments should establish laws which allow strangers—like Schmich and I—to coexist. When my air conditioner affects her temperature, legislators can get involved.

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Angela said...

I hadn't read Ms. Schmich's article till now, but I have to assume there is a large amount of sarcasm in it. Though she did call herself crazy. Maybe Chicago should make all working women wear pantyhose.,0,685444.column