Tuesday, November 04, 2008

From the Inbox

Though I could have entitled this post "Joke of the Day" (except that it is entirely true):
To the Mason Community:

I hear some troubling rumors, so here are a couple of facts: 1. The election is Nov. 4, for all political parties. The notion that one party votes Nov. 5 is UNTRUE. 2. It is also UNTRUE that any student jeopardizes financial aid by voting.

Peter N. Stearns
Are you serious? Does this need to be said? Anyone who is dumb enough to believe that either (a) there are separate days to vote based on who you are voting for or (b) voting could have a negative impact on financial aid IN AMERICA should not be voting anyway. I would be really upset to know my vote was being counted on par with the likes of these students if voting actually mattered (and, of course, if I intended on voting).

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