Monday, November 03, 2008

Lawson on Voting

Like me, Dr. Lawson has decided not to vote tomorrow (and possibly ever again):
My working metaphor for politics is gang rape. If 9 rapists and a woman are in a room and hold a vote, it's 9-1 in favor of raping the woman. If the woman doesn't vote, it's 9-0. Same result. But at least the victim doesn't have to sanctify the process that violates her rights. I am no longer going to go to the polls to give legitimacy to these criminal politicians.
I hope he also decides to join those of us who will be washing down the ceremonial celebration of theft with a pint or a shot.


Libby J. said...

I like the analogy-very illustrative.

And thanks for the event plug!

Angela said...
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Angela said...

I find the metaphor highly offensive. If I was going to be raped and had the option to leave, I'd definately leave. I think Lawson needs to re-examine how much he hates politics or leave the country.

Will Luther said...

Rape is always a potentially offensive metaphor. I think his point is that women CANNOT leave in that situation. And in a democracy (which he sees as comparable, since both involves serious rights violations) we CANNOT leave either. (You say one could leave the country, but where should we go? Where on earth will my rights NOT be violated? So we are left living in the least intrusive place.) So, like the rape victim, we should refuse to sanctify the system...because it is an unjust system.

But I certainly see how it might be considered offensive. And in moral conundrums like this one, I usually defer to the morally superior George Carlin: