Sunday, March 29, 2009

Joke of the Day

I had a funny thought today. It followed a comment on my status (which read: Will is up and at 'em.); my friend Annette thought the phrase was "up and adam," but admits that my version actually makes sense. My remarks were as follows:
I always find it amusing when cliches morph.

For example, my grandma often says "a bird in the bush" as if this phrase has any meaning in and of itself. I know that she is referring to the proverbial bird in the hand which is worth TWO in the bush. I am just confused as to how this simplified to a single bird in a bush.

I have often thought about cutting her off by saying "I know, it's worth 0.5 in the hand." But this doesn't seem right. Surely half a bird is worth less than half the value of a whole bird... especially if you are interested in keeping birds as pets.
I also find it amusing when people say "I could care less." when they actually mean that they COULDN'T care any less. One of my favorite YouTubers, hotforwords, comments on this in more detail.

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Katie said...

I'm so glad we are in agreement regarding, "I could care less." I have gotten in fairly intense arguments with people over this and even, broke up with a boy due to his inability to understand that I was correct in saying, "I couldn't care less about you." Haha. Ok so there were probably other issues, but that was even further validation.