Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blockquoting X

It is game day every day for me. It is judgment day every moment of every day. It is only one way to play the game of life, and that is to play to win. Winning is a way of life. Winning is the only way. I no longer recognize or identify with the poor mentalities or mind states of the universe. I study hard, train hard, eat hard, sleep hard, vision big, think big, act big, and yet I still walk and talk with a sense of humility and peace. I’m so sincere people. I am so serious.
Try not to laugh. Today's X is Maurice Clarett, former Buckeye running back, present prisoner at Toledo Correctional Institution, and (if you can believe it) blogger.

He does not have an internet connection, so he must relay posts to friends and family via phone.

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Will Luther said...

In an email, KTVS writes:
"Maurice Clarett spoke at an honors assembly at my high school in 04. His speech was supposed to highlight our dedication and how that would translate into the college and professional world. All he said was, "The biggest thing about college is time management. I mean it's all about managing time between going to class and hitting the gym. Time management is the biggest thing I've learned about college..." I knew right then he was a winner."