Monday, June 30, 2008

Roadkill Tax

As Mark points out, South Carolinians are eligible for a new $50 tax credit.
Section 12‑6‑3750.

(A) Beginning with the year 2008, there shall be allowed a nonrefundable credit against taxes imposed by this chapter for a meat packer, butcher, or processing plant licensed or permitted by this State or the United States Department of Agriculture that, during the tax year for which the credit is claimed, had a valid contract with any nonprofit organization to process deer for donation to any charitable organization engaged in distributing food to the needy. No portion of the donated deer shall be used by a commercial enterprise. The amount of the credit shall be fifty dollars for each carcass processed and donated. The credit must be claimed in the year earned and may not be carried to any other taxable year.

(B) For the purposes of this section, 'process' means to skin, cut, bone, grind, package, or perform any butchering tasks necessary to prepare the meat for distribution and consumption. The processing must take place in a licensed or permitted establishment.
The best part: it was vetoed by Gov. Sanford and then overridden by the state legislature. You cannot make this stuff up...

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