Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Creative Destruction

Today's after lunch snack reminded me of Tyler Cowen's book, Creative Destruction. I am presently eating a Ritter Sport bar. Without globalization, my selection set would certainly be a lot smaller. But thanks to free(er) trade, I can enjoy this German delicacy.

Wikipedia lists the Ritter slogan as it appears in several languages.
German packaging: "Quadratisch. Praktisch. Gut." ("Square. Practical. Good.")
French packaging: "Carré. Pratique. Gourmand."
English packaging: "The handy chocolate square"
English packaging (UK): "Quality in a Square."
Italian packaging: "Quadrato. Pratico. Buono."
Danish Packaging: "Kvadratisk. Praktisk. God."
Russian packaging: "Квадратный. Практичный. Хороший."
Special thanks to Marion and Julia for introducing me to this wonderful bar of chocolate.

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Marion Fischer said...

You are very welcome - it's good to know that we could somehow broaden your "chocolate horizon" ;)
Take care, Marion