Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gordon Tullock

Today I was in Gordon Tullock's office at Mercatus. My assignment for the next month is to sort through all his things, box them up, and ship them to various locations. Colleen Morretta took me to the back of the room where a filing cabinet took up nearly the whole wall. She opened one of the drawers. Inside was everything Tullock had ever published. Paper after paper after paper.

I cannot express in words how I felt, though proud and honored might be used.

I was to be Tullock's research assistant at Mercatus. His unanticipated retirement means I will be working for Dr. Boettke instead. Working for Tullock would have been a great experience. But we live in a world of scarcity. And nothing makes this any clearer than the realization that men do not last forever.

Of course, everyone is blogging about Tullock right now. Here and here are some nice posts from Organizations and Markets. Another at DOL. So read up in celebration of the career of Gordon Tullock.


Libby said...

"Jackpot!" would have been what would come to my mind...

E said...

I find it incredibly saddening that one of the greatest libertarian and economic minds of this and the past century is retiring, but having worked at Mercatus during the summer, I believe it might be time for Tullock to go home and finally get some rest. You'll still have a great scholar to work with no matter what. Enjoy!

Will Luther said...

via google reader:

I spent the summer just a couple doors from Gordon Tullock's office at Mercatus, and he would frequently put his head in just to ask very weird question. That was both funny and sad. During the longest conversation we had, he told me how much he wished the American Revolution had never happened and the whole world lived under the British Crown... I think you missed a great opportunity, but earned an equally great one, being able to skim through his books and papers. And working with Pete Boettke will certainly be extremely interesting, too.

Looking forward to hear from you soon,