Tuesday, January 06, 2009

BART Shooting

Pete Eyre @ Bureaucrash links to this video on the BART Police shooting.

The young man was clearly unarmed. And even if he struggled with the officers, it does not appear as if lethal force was necessary. Nonetheless, 22-yr old Oscar Grant is dead. The name of the officer who fired on Grant has not yet been released.


Full Tilt Poker Video said...
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Beth said...

I can't even understand this...why did the officer even draw his weapon in the first place?? Weapons should be used sparingly...if ever. But certainly not when you have two officers brutally pinning down a man who has already given in to their demands. This is sad. I am truly sorry for the Grant family, and I hope this is not the kind of case where the officer gets away on some sort of technicality or loophole.