Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tullock 1, Austrians 0

I spent a few hours today working in the Tullock archives. Fortunately for all of you, I came across the following correspondence between the new TAE blogger and the old curmudgeon.

(Scribbled on a post-it attached to a paper entitled "Formalism in Austrian-School Welfare Economics: Another Pretense of Knowledge?")

Am I crazy, or are these other Austrians crazy?
Dave Prychitko

(Typed on official University of Arizona letterhead and dated August 1, 1995.)

David Prychitko
Department of Economics
State University of New York
Oswego, New York 13126

Dear Dave:

All Austrians are crazy.

Cordially yours,

Gordon Tullock
Karl Eller Professor of
Economics and Political Science

GT : lc
This could be the best Tullock insult discovered as of yet.


Libby said...

That's the awesomest thing I've heard all week.

I agree, Austrian's are crazy. ;P

Dave Prychitko said...

I laughed my ass of when I received it, and posted it on my office door for months.

Will Luther said...


Thanks for stopping by! I have a copy of it posted on my refrigerator at present. Your post-it has prompted hours of laughs already.

I should have photocopied some of his correspondence with Walter Block. Or to others about Walter Block. Very funny stuff.

Take care.

(Libby, you are here all the time. So I will just take you for granted. haha)