Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Manual Jokes

From page 6 of Getting Started with Stata for Macintosh:
Starting Stata from the Dock
You may wish to keep Stata in your Dock so that you can start it quickly. While Stata is still running, drag the Stata icon shown in the Dock either to a new position on the Dock or simply up and down again. After you quit Stata, its icon will remain in the Dock and can be double clicked to start the application.

If you have many Stata projects in different folders, and you made differently named blank do-files for each folder, you can drag these to the Dock to start your work on each project. You could also add commonly used Stata data files to the Dock. There are many such shortcuts you could use. Pick your poisson.
Some of you are still looking for the joke, Some of you assumed I made a typo. Two of you are laughing. And I know which two...

For those of you without initials L. J. or K. S., here is a hint.


Kate said...

Thank goodness for calculators that have that formual in them already!

Libby said...

Whoo-hoo! I got the joke!